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Chief Executive Message

We are pleased to introduce “Velpha Chemicals” and the outstanding team who comprise it. Founded in 2004, our organization has always had a strong focus on innovation and creating value from new ideas & solution for our target industries. While traditionally focused on the exploration and development solutions for Pharmaceutical & Food Processing Industry, Velpha’s operations significantly expanded and diversified in last few years. Today, with support from our liaison offices in Argentina, China, New Zealand & South Korea, we are engaged in offering composite solutions to our valued customers.

Thanks to our longevity and institutional stability, we have developed sophisticated operational & and management systems that allow us to concentrate on areas of significant potential and quickly adapt to changing conditions and opportunities.

Our formula for success is simple: we strive to attract to our company the most capable people possible, we maintain a work environment that optimizes their creativity and ingenuity, and the company then provides the necessary resources to maximize results for all stake holders in all our transactions.

The company's primary focus is offering Value Added Ingredients, Generic Plus & Environment Friendly Chemicals. We enjoy a tradition and heritage of successfully challenging conventional wisdom and exploring Innovative & Economical Solutions for our customers & manufacturers.

We believe that for a company to succeed, it must differentiate itself from its competition. In many respects, Velpha is quite unique. We not only offer Chemical & Ingredients but also support our customers to enhance intellectual capital by offering them learning sessions on regular basis. We also encourage our customers in using new & unique ingredients and support them in terms of resources, technical knowhow & trials production. These are some of the characteristics that distinguish us from our peers and competitors are.

Relative to the size and scope of our activities, we will always have a smaller number of people engaged in any specific project than will our competitors. This is intentional, as it facilitates speed and efficiency. We have a clear concept of client service & offer one window solution to our customers.

We are quite selective in deciding where we choose to explore and operate. We limit our activities to those areas where we feel we can work effectively with the host government and local stakeholders. Our company experiences very limited turnover of personnel compared to our peers. The individuals representing us today will likely be the same individuals representing us five, 10 or 15 years from now.

While we often pursue high-risk/high-reward projects, our company has always available for all regular products. We strive to have a reputation for high integrity and ethical behavior. We are as committed to how we do business as we are to what we achieve. Doing business the right way is an ongoing commitment, both of the company and the people who comprise it.

I think that you would find a relationship with Velpha to be extremely rewarding. We would welcome the opportunity to visit with companies and/or individuals interested in establishing mutually rewarding business activities.

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